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Dragon's blood Sangre de drago CBDkonopi

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10 ml 100 % Sangre de Drago in dropper 

Sangre de Drago or Dragon's Blood has been used for centuries as a wound healer, analgesic, and cancer adjuvant.

Directions for Use

The following uses and protocols are well-established among the people's of the Ecuadorean orient. Please note that these are indigenous uses, few of which have gone through rigorous clinical testing. This ethnobotanical information is provided as a guideline to how others use this variation of Sangre de Drago: Insect Bites -- Pain relief comes in as little as 90 seconds and covers a broad range of insects. Itching and swelling are rapidly alleviated. Burns -- For simple first degree burns, a few drops spread lightly over the area works wonders. Sore Throat / Cough -- Sangre de Drago is anti-bacterial and anti-viral. A common use for sore throat is to take just one drop -- sublingually. For a nagging cough, a half teaspoon (2.5 ml.) twice daily in a small glass of water is usually sufficient to gain relief. Ulcers, Gastrointeritis & Other Infections of the Gastrointestinal Tract -- One half teaspoon, 3 times per day, for up to 12 days or "until cured." Urinary Track Infections -- One half teaspoon in water, one to three times a day based on severity, until eliminated. Premenstrual Cramps -- One half teaspoon with water, three times a day, for relief. Helps regulates periods. Menstrual Period Regulation -- One half teaspoon, in pure water, taken in the morning. Cancer -- For reasons that are not clear even to this author, among the many cancer remedies that are used in the Amazon, this variety of Sangre de Drago is used primarily for cancers of the reproductive organs only: prostate, testicular, and penis in men; cervical, uterine, and vaginal in women. I have been repeatedly told that this is where they are most efficacious in cancer cases. Protocol: 5 drops in a small glass of water (not juice!), three times per day. Anti-Scarringm rejuvenating skin-


Resin sap of Croton lechleri L., not include Alcohol.